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Web & Mobile Application Services

For a company to be successful in business, having a web presence is just a starting point. To truly gain a cost advantage through the web, this channel must be linked to your back end business systems. Done right, many of your current manual business processes will not only be automated but will actually help you increase customer satisfaction.

The StrataDev Approach

StrataDev understands the complexity inherent in making the web a powerful and cost effective tool for your business. It is well known that today's web sites have grown to be sophisticated portals of company information, data that may have to be gathered in real time from many different sources within the company.

StrataDev will work with you to develop custom web solutions to meet your immediate business needs.
  • We take an architectural approach that ensures flexible, scalable, and integrated solutions.
  • StrataDev will incorporate all this into the design and provide a solution that is easy to maintain.
  • Our engineers and analysts know the various web and mobile products that make up this loosely coupled component-based architecture to help guide you through the design and product selection processes.
  • Our application engineers, fluent in all MSFT technologies, would then build out the integrated automated solution to your specifications.
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