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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Smart, strategic investments in business intelligence coupled with implementation best practices enable organizations to reap great rewards: improved decision-making, regulatory compliance, and a competitive advantage. It transforms an organization by delivering visibility and insight at all levels and across all decision-makers.

StrataDev spans the business and IT communities to deliver seamless, enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions for our Global 2000 clients. Because we focus exclusively on business intelligence, we deliver the right solution the right way the first time. Explore our service offerings:
  • Strategy and Program Management
  • Information Management
  • Global Delivery and Managed Services

Strategy and Program Management:

Correct and successful business intelligence initiatives start with the right strategy to closely align initiatives with the organization's goals. A well-crafted strategy ensures support from stakeholders every step of the way and manages expectations appropriately. It provides a detailed plan that tightly coordinates processes within your organization and the StrataDev consulting team.

StrataDev helps to move your organization from localized projects to enterprise-wide coordination. Our program management capabilities ensure that resources and stakeholders are managed effectively and that project costs, risks, and scope are controlled across your business intelligence portfolio.

Information Management:

Companies in the past have invested in a variety of business and IT initiatives to improve decision-making and intelligence capabilities. As a result, these organizations have a rich set of building blocks to leverage as they work towards a more integrated, agile business intelligence environment.

StrataDev is the expert implementer to help you leverage your existing information management building blocks and extend your environment to meet new business challenges. Using our extensive experience and proven methods, we solve the toughest information management challenges. Our practical, iterative approach ensures that you realize early success, sustain organizational support for your implementation, and get it right from the start.

Leveraging information as a strategic asset is a hot topic at leading conferences and in company boardrooms, and organizations now strive to implement the next generation of integrated, high-value business intelligence solutions to support their evolving business goals.

Our information management service offerings fall into the following categories:
  • Information Quality
  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Information Delivery

Information Quality:

The fundamental requirement for business intelligence is to have good information quality process. The right team of expert know-how on how to find the root cause of data quality problems and quickly analyze the interdependence of complex data management systems. That team is at StrataDev.

Data Integration:

Data integration is one of the first steps for business intelligence solution. As leaders in business intelligence, StrataDev consultants and technical experts provide the framework to integrate data from various channels. Even if the channels are disparate sources-legacy applications, operational systems, data warehouses or data marts, external sources and web applications-our expertise brings them together into one user source.

Data Warehouse:

StrataDev understand that it is not enough to consolidate an organization's data and make it available for user query and reporting but data warehouse leads to improved business performance through smarter, more informed decision-making. Because a data warehouse design forms the backbone of your business intelligence efforts, StrataDev knows that it has to be done right.

Information Delivery:

Companies today are rightly extending business intelligence capabilities to more users across the organization as they see great benefits in the form of better decision-making and even strategic differentiation. But this introduces increased complexity into the implementation of information delivery solutions. From basic reporting and analysis, to integrated performance management, to advanced analytics, StrataDev has the expertise to navigate and implement the full range of information delivery solutions.

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