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EAI is, simply put, the integration of applications at the enterprise level. EAI is the heartbeat of integration.

EAI can be described as, "The process of integrating multiple applications that were independently developed, may use incompatible technology and remain independently managed." From this perspective, EAI is not a technology per se, but a collection of tools, techniques and technology which enable applications to effectively interoperate.

This is not to say that integration and middleware apply only at the enterprise level. Indeed, middleware can be used at many levels: within a single system (component integration), across the enterprise (application-to-application integration) or across the supply chain (business-to-business integration). Integration brokers, for example, may be used on all levels, but their specific features and functions vary. CORBA and COM are commonly used at the component level, while message brokers, file brokers or ETL brokers are often used on the A2A level. Additionally, portals and specialized B2B brokers are used for managing interactions between companies.

BizTalk 2006

Here is a brief overview of our course objective.

  • Work with BizTalk Server project system
  • Create and configure Schemas, Maps
  • Create an orchestration
  • Process and filter messages
  • Create a pipeline
  • Install and configure an adapter
  • Develop a secure solution
  • Consume and publish Web services
  • Integrate business rules into an orchestration
  • Enable business activity monitoring
  • Enable human workflow services
  • Integrate with trading partners
  • Manage and monitor business processes


Here is a brief overview of our course objective.

  • WebMethods Integration Server
  • Schemas, Maps, EDI Map conversion
  • JUnit as Integration server
  • Process and filter messages
  • Configure Trading Networks
  • Publish / Subscribe
  • Integration server Best practices

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